An Hour and Thirty Years


30 minute documentary

"This film is dedicated to a certain love I experienced in a certain city” Madonna Adib, the filmmaker draws the map of loss tying the two cities of Beirut and Damascus. “An Hour and Thirty Years” is the distance between the two places, and the years between their wars. This is a story of love, of love lost, and of cities that failed the filmmaker. Of cities lost, changed, memories that belong neither here nor there, but rather exist beyond time and place. The film goes back and forth between Beirut and Damascus to tell the story of an old man who is grieving the loss of his life partner while also lamenting the civil war, and of the filmmaker’s disappointments, her losses from the war, from the city she no longer recognizes, and of someone she loved in a certain time, in a certain place

The director wanted a solo accordion, played by Didier Dumoutier, here is just a small sample to the score. The film will be out later this year.