A composer for moving picture, Iva Delic writes music fuelled by emotional awareness and intelligent storytelling. A graduate of Concordia University with a specialization in composition, Iva has scored a diverse catalogue of acclaimed projects spanning genres. As a composer with a passion for story-focused and character-driven projects, Iva brings a sensitivity to her work. Most notably, her work has screened across the world at festivals like Toronto International Film Festival’s Canada Top 10 Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, DOC LA Film Festival, Ottawa Animation Film Festival, and others. Iva has a penchant for music history, involving live musicians in the collaborative process, as well as working with electronic pads, loops and effects to create unique storytelling experiences.

She is an active member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada, which has recently taken initiative in the conversation surrounding diversity happening now within the industry. When she’s not working, she’s eating good food, chilling with cats, or probably travelling.

Iva is currently a Slaight Music resident at the Canadian Film Centre.